Our Pretty Good Life

There are lots of folks writing about how city2islandthey sold it all, reduced their financial burdens, moved into a “tiny house” or an RV and found a greater sense of peace in their lives.  This blog is going to begin a little earlier in the process.  I want to highlight the journey from our current house-poor, stressful, paycheck-to-paycheck existence toward something lighter, much more manageable, and far less expensive.  This is not a naive urge to escape from life.  We just want to live better attuned to our needs and perhaps blaze a trail for our children to live less hectic, more satisfying lives.

We don’t need a perfect life.  We don’t need to have the right car and the right house.  I believe there are many people out there that as “done” trying to keep up with the Joneses as we are.

What’s really important is that we take care of our families and love our kids.  We need to give back to our communities (wherever they may be and whatever they may look like.)  We need to have a purpose and keep learning as we grow toward our goals, whatever they may be.  We should allow ourselves the freedom to follow our dreams.

We need to live Pretty Good Lives.



  1. I’m the same.

    I’ll quote My Fair Lady: “All I want is a room somewhere / far away from the cold night air / with one enormous chair / Oh, wouldn’t it be LOVERLEY!”


    I’m in the process of downsizing from an unsustainable life to one that is simpler. It’s nice to meet others travelling a similar path.



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