kayak fishing in British Columbia

We have always been travelers.  Before we met, Matthew hitchhiked around the US and Hawaii, meeting amazing folks all along the way.  There were a couple trips to Europe on exchange, a journey to Indonesia to learn about shadow puppets, and a summer wandering the states enjoying the music of Jerry and the band.

Carolyn was always up for new adventures like leaving home to work the summer salmon run in Alaska, tenting by the coast and learning new tricks to keep the moose from overrunning camp.  Its amazing how handy those skills can be…

Once we got together, We drove our VW bus all over the West, from Seattle to Phoenix, LA to Montana.  We updated our ancient gear, bought a truck and kept going- there was always something else to see.  Our kids picked up that road trip gene too.  Planes, cars, kayaks, scooters, trains, boats, or buses- it never really mattered where or how we went, just as long as we all went together (and that there was ice cream when we got there…)

We settled down for a while to raise our kids and built a beautiful home near Seattle.  It is amazing how many things you can accumulate over just a few years!  We got rid of some of it when we moved to Massachusetts but it all came back, and brought friends.  Now we have a garage, attic space, and closets full of stuff that is taking over our lives!

Its time to simplify, declutter, reorganize, and get back to enjoying our lives rather than taking care of our stuff!


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