One of the Benefits of Living in Town…

trash-canOK.  I have to say it.

I love curb-side garbage collection.

You drag piles of unwanted stuff to the end of your driveway and, by the end of the day, its gone!  That’s fantastic!

We always do a big purge after Christmas.  Since the house is totally bombed out from the holiday and we are typically home together, it is the perfect time to go through boxes and closets and the garage and chuck the stuff we just don’t need.

We used to live in a place where you had to haul your trash to the dump.  We used to go every three weeks or so- typically when the garage was getting a little ripe and the garbage needed to go away.  The best part of that was recycling.  Specifically, glass recycling.  The kids, when they were small, loved to come along so they could throw the bottles into the big steel bins.  Breaking glass makes such a joyful racket!

But now, the stuff just disappears.  Civic magic.

So good…


One Comment

  1. We don’t have a hard rubbish day in Dunedin, where I live. I really wish we did! Where I lived inn Australia before I moved to New Zealand, hard rubbish days were common, and we could clear out everything from old TVs to tables, just by putting them on the corner once a year at the appointed time. It saved on illegal dumping, and the council made a fair bit of money on reselling.

    We tend to do our big clearouts just before Christmas and birthdays, so the kids feel they are “making space” for what is to come. Of course, over time we’ve had more and more lovely space, but they’re enjoying that too 🙂



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