It’s really funny…

It’s funny the way my mind works.  I come to a conclusion.  Ha!  An answer!  And then I stew.  I analyze.  I ponder.  I try to find grand connections to make my desires more relevant on a larger scale.  Then I start again.

Take “downsizing” for example.  In my head, I have been trying to relate my desire to have fewer possessions and a simpler life to the growing problem of climate change, our culture of excess, and what I can do about it.

So, instead of long-winded essays on the lack of governmental authority or corporate greed, all I’m simply going to say is:

I just want less stuff.  

I want less chaos in my life.  I want to regain a sense of playful exploration without the unnecessary burdens we force on ourselves.  We spend too much time and effort buying and maintaining our possessions.  The times I find that my wife and I are the happiest are when we get away from all that- camping, fishing, travelling, hanging with our kids.

Its going to take work.  Sure.  I am good with that.  I have always been a work hard-play hard kinda guy.

Its going to be a struggle sometimes.  Of course.  I am good with that too.  Life is suffering, right?  But do we need to cause so many headaches for ourselves?

Perhaps living a simpler life also means a less complicated mental life.



  1. I just listened to a great NPR On Being show about the Pursuit of Happiness, a panel discussion with 4 global spiritual leaders. They say that the pursuit is a myth, let your happiness catch up to you by being present to what you are doing. Your post fits in so well with what they were saying.



    1. That theme has been popping up more and more lately. Maybe it’s because I am thinking on how our current manner of living doesn’t really bring us peace that I notice it. Maybe the concept of slow down and happiness catches you (!) is becoming part of our modern vernacular.
      Dunno. Either way, it’s like that climate change comment- “what if we cleaned up our environment and atmosphere and we didn’t really have to?!?”
      Well, it certainly wouldn’t hurt.



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