What to do if I don’t shop? as told by an Aussie ex-pat turned Kiwi

I came across a blog last night that is written by this Aussie ex-pat in New Zealand named Lee.  Here is somebody on the other side of the globe- as far from Massachusetts, USA as you can get- and she is struggling with the very same consumerist culture I am.  The stuff, the guilt, the accepted “script” for life, the upsizing…

She comes at it from a different perspective but the questions ring so very true to me as do some of her answers.  If a tiny home, downsizing, pretty good life, minimalist community can be forged across oceans, than perhaps this big ol’ world ain’t quite so big or quite so broken after all.  

The post I am reblogging is just one of quite a few on her page.  It just happens to be the one that ultimately moved me to repost!  Have a look.

What to do if I don’t shop?


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  1. I have hope.

    I think more and more people are questioning the “script”, because it just so obviously isn’t working any more for so many of us. It’s not making us happy.

    Add into the mix the disappearance of the middle class (did you see it go? I didn’t see it go! It happened so fast!), and it’s time we questioned the “great American dream” or the “great Aussie dream” or the “great Kiwi dream” – they’re all the same story, and they’re all not working any more, and they’re all drowning us in debt.

    So where next? What do we do for our children? How can we be happy? These are all really important questions, and they’re not being asked by our countries’ leaders. So we, the people, need to ask them, and come up with possible solutions.

    I don’t know if the answers I’m finding will work, but I know that the script I was given doesn’t work. And I’d have to be a fool to do something that is proven to fail.

    So here’s to the undiscovered future… to a new path. We live in exciting times. We can look at this as a challenge and a gift, or as a curse. I choose to see it as a gift and as a challenge, and something that could be so much better than what we’ve ever had as a society.

    Thanks for sharing my post, and I look forward to following your blog, and sharing this exciting path with others like yourself.

    Leanne in Dunedin, New Zealand.



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