Good Architecture and Good Living use Similar Principles

Residential architecture can be very beautiful and complex.  I am a big fan of complex without being busy.  Our lives have depth- depth that a basic drywalled box just can’t properly represent.  Designs that throw lots of ideas and patterns around in a confined space often times come across as busy and over-stuffed.  This article has great examples of well-thought out designs with a clean execution.

The ideas Eric Reinholdt lists in this article are not only a good basis for design, but they are a good basis for a life well-lived as well.

  1. Tell a good story
  2. Take risks
  3. Sweat the details
  4. Simplify
  5. Establish order
  6. Repeat repeat repeat (be consistent)
  7. Break the rules
  8. Engage the senses

You can click the arrows at the lower left corner to flip through the image gallery or click in the image itself to link to the article on Houzz.  Have a look!


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